What are the undergraduate courses offered online by LSMS?

London School of Modern Studies offers e-learning undergraduate courses at ideal costs for the feasibility of abroad students and working people. Certified Islamic Finance Expert CIF, Certified Takaful Professional CTP, and Certified Islamic Accountant Professional IAP are some challenging courses on the list.

Are there any postgraduate courses in administration regarding Islamic banking at LSMS?

There is a postgraduate diploma course in Islamic Finance taught online and a postgraduate business administration course (MBA) in Islamic Banking and Finance online.

How can I know the cost of the courses offered in detail?

Approximate cost of the courses is enlisted in the Programmes offered page. To know the accurate cost, you must enroll first to a specific course and get the confirmation for being selected by verification from the administration team.

When do I get notified and aided with the study materials after enrollment?

The administration team checks on your educational background and professional set up, if sent and then notifies you through email after confirmation. Study packages are delivered to you within seven working days, from the day of enrollment.

What does the study package include? Must I need to buy more study materials from your concern for extra references?

The study package includes a comprehensive study manual and e-library for precise understanding and learning. There will arise no necessity to purchase books or bargain for lent as sufficiently enough and further expansive knowledge is bound with the study packages. Also, current issues can be researched through the e-library rendered that consists of hundreds of e-books, e-lectures and e-presentations, which are prepared by Islamic Banking and Finance scholars and practitioners. Contents of e-Library veil not only curriculum, but also large numbers of other Islamic Finance topics aiding for additional or reference studies.

I meet up with issues while I enroll..?

Firstly, enroll your correct details in the enrollment form. If accessing or entering details is of trouble, we are sorry. Please send us a screenshot of the trouble and you will be notified shortly with a solution from the LSMS faculty.

What is the mode of examination for online students?

After learning process, online students can send emails for exams conducted online, which is MCQ type from the topics covered in the study manuals. On scoring 65% or more, online students are awarded certificate/degree/diploma. Travel is avoided.